Preferred Links


Akhal-Teke Society of America (ATSA), the American breed association, offering membership, registration, and breeder support.

Wikepedia, An online Encyclopedia with good general information

Association of Akhal-Teke Breeding, home of the General Stud Book.

Akhal Teke UK, a British-based breed society with timely and informative articles and interviews.

Akhal-Teke Ranch, a stud farm in Idaho, raising quality Akhal-Tekes, offering many for sale.

The Akhal-Teke Yahoo Maillist, An online Maillist devoted to the Akhal-Teke and it's Fanciers, contains a database on A-T For Sale and At Stud.

The Turkmenistan Embassy Webpage, with a section on it's national treasure, the A-T

Insterburg Riding Club and Stud, Kaliningrad, Russia, Our good friends and Fellow Akhal-Teke breeders

Equiworld, a British site with excellent information and pictures of almost all the Lins Sires

Teke Atlary, Stud Van Kasteren, a Breeder in Luxembourg and Belgium, specializing in Akhal-Tekes for Sport.

Akhal-Teke Estonia, a Breeder in Estonia with good imported stock

Czech Akhal-Teke Association, an excellent, updated website with super information on bloodlines and lots of pictures.

Bold Vantage Farm, Alberta, Canada, another breeder friend and client, whose breeding stallion is a son of one of our broodmares.

Shah'Zadeh Akhal-Tekes, Osakis, Minnesota, another good breeder friend and client, with a lovely stallion and some excellent mares.


Mountain View Equine Hospital, our ambulatory veterinarian/reproductive/hospital facility, responsible for the great health and well-being of our horses.

Amethyst Acres, One of our Stallion stations for A.I. collection and shipment.

Abounader Photo, One of the equine photographers who captures such lovely images of our horses. Several of their photos are featured on our site.

Drake Photography, Another of our preferred photographers, many of their photos can also be seen throughout our site.