Our Goals


Once you have met one of the ancient breeds, the way you look at horses will change. To see the intelligence, feel the wisdom, ride the power and elegance, and be dazzled by the charm -- these are the gifts bestowed by these elegant and beautiful horses. They carry generations of history in their eyes, and move with the presence and grace of nobility.

Here at Central Asian Equines, our goals are simple -- to continue to breed these treasures for future generations to cherish, according to the same guidelines by which they were passed to us. We believe that every purebred mare in these precious genepools should have every chance possible to reproduce and continue not just the maintenance, but the growth of these unique breeds. We also strive to import new bloodlines into this country to insure the best diversity possible in our breeding program, we currently have some of the only representatives of their respective bloodlines in the entire U.S.

We believe that this breed, in all it's unique differences from more mainstream breeds, has the ability and drive to be competitive in the FEI equestrian disciplines of eventing, dressage, and show jumping.

We also feel that this breed has much to offer to the performance world through crossbreeding. To this end, we also occasionally produce halfbreds, carefully choosing mares of other breeds, whose conformation, temperament, and capabilities can be enhanced by the cross with Akhal-Teke stallions.